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Free, Fast, AI-Powered Job Applicant Review for Recruiters

How it works

  • Install the AI-cruiter extension on your browser and sign up.
  • Load a job page with a list of job candidates in your applicant tracking system.
  • Compose custom prompt for selected job, generate short resume summaries (few bullet points) AND resume score (between 0 and 10).
  • Process 1 job candidate in ~5 seconds.
  • Review resume scores. Read short resume summaries. Bookmark promising job candidates. Review promising candidates in more depth.

Works with popular ATS platforms

AI-cruiter currently works with Greenhouse, Lever, JazzHR, Workable, Breezy . No need to change your workflow or go through a complicated integration. AI-cruiter works with these systems out-of-the-box.

AI-cruiter works with Greenhouse, Lever, JazzHR, Workable, Breezy

Five major ATS websites

AI-cruiter for Lever

Check every job applicant

AI-cruiter generates fitness score and allows you to quickly check education, skills, experience or ANY other specific qualification of every job applicant. Bookmark promising candidates with one click.

AI-cruiter saves hours of time reviewing a long list of applicants

Unbiased and fair candidate scores and summaries

Unlike other applicant screening tools, AI-cruiter never automatically disqualifies your candidates. AI-cruiter provides an unbiased, digestible summary of each applicant, giving you the ability to review everyone and make fair decisions.

AI-cruiter does not judge or automatically disqualify applicants


  • How does AI-cruiter work?

    AI-cruiter uses multiple large language models (LLMs, primarily Llama 3 from Meta) to quickly and accurately summarize many resumes in minutes. On average, it takes 5 seconds to process one job candidate. AI-cruiter generates a short summary and calculates score for each job applicant.

  • I am a recruiter. How does AI-cruiter help me?

    AI-cruiter helps when you have hundreds of job applicants. With a single click, AI-cruiter will generate a score and a short summary for each job candidate. All you need to do is to compose custom prompts or use existing prompts. A prompt is the natural language question that you ask LLM about job candidate's resume. Example of prompt: "Find two most recent employers for the job candidate."

  • Does AI-cruiter work for all types of jobs?

    Yes. You have full control over the contents of the prompt (see previous answer). AI-extension provides you with a dozen of popular template prompts, but you are welcome to compose your own prompts. For example, you can ask to find publications, certifications and any other information inside resumes.

  • Can I extract custom information from resumes?

    Yes. You can extract ANY information from resume. You can compose a new prompt and you can save it as a new template to use it later. You can also use pre-built prompts that we provide you. We found these prompts to be popular among recruiters and tested these prompts with LLMs.

  • Can I re-summarize a resume or delete an existing summary?

    Yes and yes. Check the checkbox next to the AI-cruiter summary for any number of job applicants. Then scroll up to the top of the list and click "RE-SUMMARIZE SELECTED" or "DELETE SELECTED".

  • Can I summarize my job description?

    Yes. Summarizing the job description helps you remember the required education, skills, and location for the job you are currently working on. Simply click the "SUMMARIZE JOB" button. If you update a job description and would like to re-summarize it, simply click the "SUMMARIZE JOB" button again.

  • Will I always have access to all resume summaries and job description summaries I have generated?

    Resume summaries and job description summaries that are more than 6 months old are removed from your account and deleted from our servers.

  • Does AI-cruiter replace reading resumes?

    Yes and no. AI-cruiter generates a fitness score for any given job candidate and job description. In addition, extension a short summary of resume so that you don't miss any promising candidate. You should always go back to the promising applicants and review their resumes in more detail.


The extension is free of charge. You can review up to 2,000 job candidates per month. If you need to review more job candidates, please email us at recruit at workinbiotech dot com.

Contacting us

Please send your feedback, comments, questions, or requests for technical support via email to recruit at workinbiotech dot com.

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